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Im a newly Registered nurse here in the Philippines who has no working experience, i just pass the nursing board exam here last june-july 2012 and because of the numbers of filipino nurses here in... Read More

  1. by   capricorn89
    Helo whitecapp. Upon reading your posts here, i feel being encouraged. I am a filipino RN too with two years exp in community setting. I am being confused because of the big amount of money needed to study and complete a one year program. In the mean time I was introduced to apply for dairy farming which only needs three months to study and can work thereafter. Please advice me. Thanks a lot and God bless!
  2. by   excell
    Hi jcaprn are you in nz now?
  3. by   excell
    Hi whitecap99...i just read ur post. Like everyone here i am also a registered nurse but no work experience at all. I applied for resident visa in nz still waiting for the decision. i want to become a nurse in nz too. What are the best option for me to do? Please can you give some advice.
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  4. by   ph_nurse27
    Hi fellow nurses, I have just received the CAP letter from NCNZ and I'm in the process of applying for CAP. However I'm still undecided as to whether I would use an agency in applying for CAP or to do it all by myself just like what I did when I was applying for initial registration with the NCNZ . In line with this, I wanted to ask those who have undergone the nursing registration with NCNZ if it is really hard to secure a slot without the help of an agency and for how long do I have to wait for a slot if I would do it by myself. Thank you.
  5. by   marrisguitering
    can you help me with the process as well? Im a nurse with almost 5 years of experience and planning to go to new zealand. this is my email ad
  6. by   mialei23
    Hi jenrak.. please can you give me some ideas or advice on how to process an application in NZ.
  7. by   arleneRN
    Hi whitecap99. I am an RN in UAE working as homecare RN but got my initial registration in Philippines. I have read that I must have 3 years working as an aged care nurse along with NZ RN registration. I worked before as RN in KSA as Medical RN but the homecare experience is more recent. Can I get in touch with you in case I need more clarification about registration requirements please? My email is

    Thank you so much.
  8. by   arleneRN
    Hi Jenrak. How are you? I have read from NZ council that foreign educated nurses must have three years work experience either as aged care, medical,acute/critical and perioperative nurse. Does the experience have to be 3 yrs continuous? would they consider only the most recent three years area of experience?
    What is the job prospect for aged care nurses? I am currently working as homecare RN in UAE but I got my initial registration in Philippines. I had three years RN experience in KSA but my most recent experience is in homecare. My IELTS score is 8.0 with no category score falling below 7.

    Please kindly advise. Thank you and happy new year.
  9. by   jfg120487
    Hi whitecap99,
    I' m a registered nurse in Philippines and currently working here in Singapore for 5 years as a nursing aide. I would like to try my apportunities in NZ. As I heard from my sister, nurses in NZ is demand and has a good pay. I'm willing to work as a caregiver/healthcare assistant, willing to study to upgrade my career. But at this time, I don't know how to start. I would really appreciate your help.Thanks☺
  10. by   quitess26
    Iam planning also to study-work in new zealand, this coming november.. can someone help me to find a place to stay. I will be in rotorua. Hope somebody will help me because the cost of school accommodation is expensive and i need a cheaper place that is safe to stay. Thanks
  11. by   thia.cnita
    Hi Mialei23, have you gone through with your plan in the application with NZ?
  12. by   jms8
    I have 3 years experience as a perioperative nurse here in the Philippines, what's my 1st step in becoming a RN in NZ? do i really need to go thru an agency.
  13. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from jms8
    I have 3 years experience as a perioperative nurse here in the Philippines, what's my 1st step in becoming a RN in NZ? do i really need to go thru an agency.
    First step is checking out the website of the NZ nursing council