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    HI! So I applied for the NCLEX exam here in California last month. After 3 weeks, I got a letter response from the board. Unfortunately, they are asking for additional documents. These include:

    > A copy of your clinical rotation schedule, registration forms and class schedule

    After giving my school a copy of the letter, they said they could process everything except the REGISTRATION FORMS because they don't know what these are. And I don't know what these are either.

    Do you guys know what REGISTRATION FORMS are?

    Please reply to this post if you do. It could help me complete my application requirements. Thank you!

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    The School should know what a registration form is. It's a form that proves that you as a student registered, applied, enrolled for the nursing program. It has your name, date of registration, age, date of birth, etc.
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    I, too have a problem with the CA BON. They're asking a copy of clinical rotation records and 5 actual deliveries and I don't understand with it.can somebody help me with it ?The registrar already sent 5 cases of major,minor ,cord,assist n handle.
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    another 5 actual? but didn't you already send them the actual along with your cases? you should call the CA BRN and clarify with them.
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    I did call them but no body wants 2answer d call. I sent the 5 cases already from school but confused with the last letter they sent me lacking of 5 actual deliveries. And with that clinical rotation record ???
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    The CA BRN is pretty busy and it would be best to call them around 8-9am. Your handle is your actual am I correct? Maybe an explanation to BRN is needed.
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    I have a thought of that but I don't know what it means by the BON. And the clinical rotation records,too what is it look like?
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    Does anyone knows what is actual deliveries ?is this the same with handle in a delivery room? Thanks
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    Clinical rotations records will be made by the school and they have to submit it to CA. It's basically the hospitals you went to, date of duty, shift, and days. They use this for many reasons such as seeing if your cases are concurrent, or you are the rightful owner(there are actually students who asks for cases from groupmates because they lack them), or if you are missing any hours.
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    So can I get it from the dean right?

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