DHA prometric exam

  1. Hi has anyone took the DHA exam? I'm just waiting for the result, I took the computer based exam now.. hope I pass the exam..
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  3. by   joyweib
    hi chengzz..are u here in dubai? how was the exam? according to difficulty, was it like NCLEX, MOH, or HAAD? im also going to take the exam on Dec 17, please kindly pm some the tips. topics.. thanks
  4. by   chengzz_1110
    Yes i just took the DHA exam last nov 14 and luckily i passed!

    Its more of basic nursing questions, try answering nclex Q&A thats what i did.

    Its not that hard compare to NCLEX
  5. by   joyweib
    thanks for your reply! so after passing the exam we should apply right away to clinics or hospitals to acquire license right? are you here in Dubai? how many items is the exam?
  6. by   chengzz_1110
    its a 70 items exam. Yes, i'm here in dubai..

  7. by   joyweib
    thank you! may I ask the topics that appeared? is it more of medical (cardio etc., maternity, psyche? thanks a lot in advance
  8. by   ambok
    Quote from chengzz_1110
    Hi does anyone took the DHA exam? I'm just waiting for the result, i took the computer based exam now.. hope i pass the exam..
    Hello cheng just want to ask how many days you get the result of your DHA exam and how do you get it? i just took my exam now and in testing center they say that must contact DHA to know the result... im a bit confuse how to get it hope you can reply thanks a lot
  9. by   anilasanthosh
    i am from india and got gnm from andra. now i need to register online for dha exam (duabi). is it possible to attend in kerala (prometric exam)
    if anybody already registered/attended let me know the details
  10. by   polka
    Hi Miss Chengzz_1110 how did you register for the DHA exam ? Do you have a work already? I'm from the Philippines as well but I'm planning to go there in Dubai next month , I'm a bit confuse on what to do first...please help me thank you!
  11. by   rLene
    Hi! everyone... How to apply for the DHA Exam?? please inform me..thanks.. Godbless
  12. by   rLene
    Ms.Cheng how to apply for the DHA Exam? online? or personal application for it? please kindly tell me some tips..thanks..
  13. by   rblrivera
    Hi chengzz. i just want to ask how long did it take for you to know the results of your prometric exam? did DHA email you, or did you have to follow it up with DHA? i am also awaiting the results of my exam, i took it last may 6, i have no idea how long it will take to know the results. thank you very much.
  14. by   le.carbonel
    hi everyone. i'm planning to take the DHA exam this year. probably on November. they have a testing center in the Philippines now. i'd like to know if you have any idea how to register and where to submit the requirements? thank you! x