Working as an ACNP in Florida before licensure

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    I'm an ACNP student at Barry University in Florida about to graduate in a few months. I recently had a networking interview with a doc who expressed an interest in hiring me. However, I am unsure if I can begin working before becoming licensed and certified. I've checked the Florida BON and DOH MQA websites and can't find my answers (maybe I'm not looking in th right places). So my question then becomes, in Fl, can you work as an ACNP/ANP as a newly graduated NP before being licensed/certified? If yes, how does one go about it?


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    Not familiar with Florida BON but as far as hospital practice, the requirement is the NP must be licensed or certified prior to being granted priviledges. That means you may not be able to write and sign your own notes and orders. I am also assuming that every state has title protection for the NP credential after your name, hence, you can not call yourself a nurse practitioner unless you have your state certification in place.
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