Work hours for NP's working in the hospital

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    Hello. I was wondering about work hours for NP's that work in the hospital. I have worked as a nurse in the hospital for 10 years so I'm used to the typical hospital nurse hours. I have applied to an AG-ACNP program and was just curious as to what I would be facing. Thank you all in advance for the information.

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    It varies. I work three 12-hour shifts a week similar to bedside RN's. This schedule has worked for me and our ICU NP group well and makes our group happy. There are other NP's in other departments where I work who have a 7-day on/7-day off schedule (8 hours daily), Mondays through Fridays (8 hours daily), 10 hours/four days a all depends on how the practice is set-up.
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    Nice to know Juan. ICU is one area I'm interested in practicing in. Do you work days and nights or just one or the other?
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    We're on a rotating shift. That's what the group agreed upon as fair for everyone. Nights isn't that have a call room with a bed and a desk with a workstation (to look up electronic medical records).
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    I've worked night shift in an ICU for almost 7 years so night shift is ok with me. :0)

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