Work hours for NP's working in the hospital

  1. Hello. I was wondering about work hours for NP's that work in the hospital. I have worked as a nurse in the hospital for 10 years so I'm used to the typical hospital nurse hours. I have applied to an AG-ACNP program and was just curious as to what I would be facing. Thank you all in advance for the information.
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  3. by   juan de la cruz
    It varies. I work three 12-hour shifts a week similar to bedside RN's. This schedule has worked for me and our ICU NP group well and makes our group happy. There are other NP's in other departments where I work who have a 7-day on/7-day off schedule (8 hours daily), Mondays through Fridays (8 hours daily), 10 hours/four days a all depends on how the practice is set-up.
  4. by   jackpp
    Nice to know Juan. ICU is one area I'm interested in practicing in. Do you work days and nights or just one or the other?
  5. by   juan de la cruz
    We're on a rotating shift. That's what the group agreed upon as fair for everyone. Nights isn't that have a call room with a bed and a desk with a workstation (to look up electronic medical records).
  6. by   jackpp
    I've worked night shift in an ICU for almost 7 years so night shift is ok with me. :0)