What speciality of Nurse Practitioners (NPs) are allowed to perform Abortions? - page 2

Hi! I was simply curious about this, as I know certain nurses can perform abortions (not just OB-GYNs). I'm not looking to start an abortion-related debate or anything here. But what kind of... Read More

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    Quote from mammac5
    I don't have an answer, but I do know there is a program at Univ of Cal San Francisco where advanced practice nurses are being trained to perform first-trimester abortions; a study is going on there to determine whether they can be performed as safely by NPs as by MDs. I'm sure you can get more information by contacting someone there who is working with the study.
    Very interesting! I looked into their MEPN program, and I didn't meet their cutoff GPA lol. Also, I've heard California schools are extremely costly and very competitive for admission, anyway, so I don't think I'd travel to the West Coast :/

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    sorry, a little late here. In california students at UCSF don't get trained, but after you become an NP you can be trained to perform first trimester abortion, which is why i'm becoming an NP. presently the california state legislature is going to hear arguments regarding whether or not to make law California Abortion Bill SB 1501 Would Allow Procedure To Be Performed By Nurses & Midwives

    i want to open my own clinic someday - please message me privately, i'd love to talk with you about your plans! i think any NP can be trained to do abortion care, as well as CNM's and physicians assistants.
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    This is something that interests me also. Do any of you know if there have been any changes about who can perform them and where?

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