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Mental Health NP Masters in Social Work Masters in Psychology? I want to do one of the three, but i'm having trouble choosing. I know social workers make around 30,000 if lucky, but what would the other two make? (in a... Read More

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    Quote from BCzito
    but don't you need a doc to collaborate (even if offsite) to sign papers once a month or something?

    Sorry, I am back from my trip in Maine. It was a lovely area to retire and to visit. However, not a place to make money or be able to live comfortable without working your butt off. I love the atomsphere and relaxation in Maine.

    ANyways, Danielle.....
    Did you read the post from Suzannne?


    If you are credentialed by the state, and have RX privileges, then you do not have anyone supervising you for prescriptions.

    That is the last thing that someone needs to worry about.
    Suzanne RN, BS, MBA

    You can work with or without a physician depending on the state creditials and if you are given RX authorization. Therefore, you need to research the state and their rulings of the job tilte of psych. RN.

    I cannot do the research for you or know what state you would like to reside as a practitioner. OK?


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    Quote from andreamae
    It's not that it's the most important thing (the salary) I'm trying to compare each 3 jobs.

    Thats good, Andrea,because things sure can change over the years. Making an important decision today with respect to income potential could backfire down the road in any profession. for example, computer hardware and software marketers made a small fortune 20 years ago, now those same wares are being sold for 10% of the amount they were deemed worth back then and can be purchased in a retail store. Who knows what external influences will affect Nursing and other health care pros in the coming years.
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    Quote from andreamae
    Mental Health NP
    Masters in Social Work
    Masters in Psychology?

    I want to do one of the three, but i'm having trouble choosing. I know social workers make around 30,000 if lucky, but what would the other two make? (in a small city) What are the main differences in all three jobs?
    my aunt has her msw. she says if u want to eat, dont get a msw. she was the director of the county mental health for approx 5 years, and has worked there for approximately 20 years. yes, she made 6 figures, but the job ended this summer when the state came in and revamped the system. the state is phasing out mental facilities faster than u can count to 3. my godmother is in social work at unc, and she's doing 2-3 ppl's jobs because they have drastically reduced staff. masters in psychology.....i have a friend that has his masters, and a girlfriend and a sister that just finished up their phd. with a masters, you will definitely be working for someone, and your options will be limited. my girlfriend is teaching at two universities, while pursuing her phd. i guess it all depends on what you want to do with your degree rather this would b a good fix for u. as far as the psych nursing or np goes, they're trying to pass a law to permit the nurses ability to disperse medication to patients once u finish a few classes. if you have prior experience in this, you would probably be of value. thats my 2 cents. good luck on ur decision
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    I would run like hell from a Masters in Psychology.

    Just my opinion. I have a Masters in Counseling, which is fairly close and they are WAAAYYYYY underpaid. I live in Alabama, but starting out I was being offered $24,000 nearly everywhere I was offered a job. Plus, I was going to have to pay someone to supervise me after I passed the licensure exam so I could receive my LPC (licensed professional counselor) certification. Psych wise, you really can't do very much without your PhD. Obviously, you see where I am! I'm back in school getting my BSN. So, my push would be for Psych NP. Nursing is SO wide open, too - so if something happened you hated psych, you would still be an RN and could do lots more. I am not planning on doing anything Psych related in nursing, but I can say that I have used my psych skills almost every day that I am in clinical!

    This is totally one sided and just my opinion, but I am now paying the price for not going with my gut instinct several years ago when I wanted to change my major to nursing! So, anytime I can share my story, I do.

    Good luck in your decision! Let me know if I can be of any help!

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