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What is the main differences between these 3 jobs? - page 2

Mental Health NP Masters in Social Work Masters in Psychology? I want to do one of the three, but i'm having trouble choosing. I know social workers make around 30,000 if lucky, but what would... Read More

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    I would run like hell from a Masters in Psychology.

    Just my opinion. I have a Masters in Counseling, which is fairly close and they are WAAAYYYYY underpaid. I live in Alabama, but starting out I was being offered $24,000 nearly everywhere I was offered a job. Plus, I was going to have to pay someone to supervise me after I passed the licensure exam so I could receive my LPC (licensed professional counselor) certification. Psych wise, you really can't do very much without your PhD. Obviously, you see where I am! I'm back in school getting my BSN. So, my push would be for Psych NP. Nursing is SO wide open, too - so if something happened you hated psych, you would still be an RN and could do lots more. I am not planning on doing anything Psych related in nursing, but I can say that I have used my psych skills almost every day that I am in clinical!

    This is totally one sided and just my opinion, but I am now paying the price for not going with my gut instinct several years ago when I wanted to change my major to nursing! So, anytime I can share my story, I do.

    Good luck in your decision! Let me know if I can be of any help!