Vascular Center Development

  1. I have been an NP in a community ICU and loved the position, however the model and collaborating MDs have changed and I am moving into an oppty to enhance a vascular center that focuses on vascular diseases (CEAs, renal artery stenosis, PAD, PVD, uterine embo, etc). The infrastructure has been such as clerical support, space, doctors invested as is hospital. The space in the hospital and will support both inpatients and outpatients. There is a vascular lab (duplex studies etc) and interventional radiology (stenting etc) plus ORs. The center is new and currently doesnt have an advanced practice person directing or leading. I am coming from an ICU environment where I have thrived for a few years...but excited about starting something and moving it forward, studies and beginning to specialize.

    My questions have to do with staying general such as in the ICU versus specializing, pros/cons. Also if there is anyone out there who already specializes in vascular diseases/surgery etc. I will have nothing to do with vascular access (central lines etc.) so my area of focus is primarily treating vascular diseases. Anyone out there with thoughts or experience starting a specialized business unit as an NP/CNS/PA-C? Or experience in vascular surgery?

    Any help would be great. Tracey
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