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Skills workshops for NPs

  1. 0 Does anyone know of any skills workshops for NPs? I know the AANP does a lot of this at their annual conference but I am looking for something before next year. I came from a program which was heavy on assessment and clinical decision making, not so much though on the actual hands-on (like suturing or lesion removal). I did complain about this during school and was told that we'd pick that up on the job. Well, I did a bit but now I'm applying for privileges at a local hospital and for NPs they want competency in hands-on stuff like this. Both for this reason and also because I hate practicing on paying customers I'd like to get more practice. Any suggestions?

    BTW school is adding a course on "clinical procedures" now... go figure!

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    national procedures institute has a variety of courses in multiple locations
    see if any of thoes meet your needs. What specific procedures are you loking for?

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    My major issue is suturing and lesion removal. Actually as I'm looking at the list the only other one I feel I'd want more clarification of is "use of opthalmological instruments". All the rest I'm fine with. I do notice that then there is a second section about "performed under direct supervision of supervising physician" which includes assisting surgery, deliveries and acute emergencies. Which I did as an RN.

    Thanks for the lead to the National Procedures Institute. I notice the option of Arizona in December... sounds like a treat. But you bring your own supplies? Boy, love to see the look on airport security face with THAT carry-on...
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    Suturing here is a home study one from a RNFA program that also has a skills lab in person

    I doubt that you need to take your own supplies but check with the company.

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    Thanks for the leads.