Salary and pay question for new NP

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    This question is for all practice NP. I'm currently an RN/BSN working on med/ surg floor my pay as PRN if I work fulltime meaning 3 days a week I would take home after taxes roughly 35k. I'm cutting the hour and going back to school BSN-DNP. My pay now is nearly to nothing. My husband doesn't want me to work while going to school. He wants me to focus and not fail. I want to keep working maybe little bit not entirely quitting. Now my initial thought were darn if I can work the same amount of hours now and get pay twice as much with NP I would be happy. Now I don't know what the project pay is for FNP with DNP. Can anybody give me some number? Thanks!

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    My two cents would be that you continue to work at least somewhat. Two reasons, maybe more. You continue to gain valuable experience, the contacts you have can be very helpful when it comes time to finding clinical sites, and some places pay tuition reimbursement.
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    I am a FNP/DNP and in my experience, you will still be considered a "new grad" whether you have a DNP or not. So, initially, try not to get caught up in the credentials as far as pay goes. Believe me, I memorized the DNP essentials front and back so that I could recite them in the interviews. It sounded impressive, but what they really want to know is if I could provide safe, evidenced based care. Later in your career, as you gain some experience, you may be able to negotiate a pay increase for your DNP. Experience is what employers care about.

    Also, as you search for your first job, you really want to try to build your resume and not solely focus on salary. Yes, you can work in a minute clinic and make $100,000/year. (Even they require at least 6 months of NP experience). But you will limit your clinical skills in that setting. I am working at my first FNP job (FQHC) and my salary kind of sucks, but the experience I'm getting is invaluable and it doesn't hurt that I'm getting my loans paid off in the process. In 3-5 years, I will be selling my experience and DNP and will expect to be paid for it. 😉

    *this is just MY experience
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    I would continue to work at least part-time. Remember, IF your income increases as NP, you will have to pay more tax. Most new grad NP jobs do not double your salary. Those extra income you worked during school will help pay for living expense and you will borrow out less student loan (6.8%)...and you will pay less tax on the "little" income you are making... I worked 32.5 hr / week during my NP program and I took out minimum student loan I needed. Another idea is that you can pick up contract RN work which will pay you more. I used to make $43/hr (without benefits) as float pool RN, which is comparable to most new grad NP salary (with benefit).
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    We get paid nearly nothing here in this area. For new RN grad you probably make 18-19 per/hr. Yeah, it's that bad. I'm PRN I only make a couple bucks more. I still work some just to keep my skills and some little bit of money going. Little is better than nothing. My husband makes enough so I don't have to woke if I don't want too. But I'm very independent a stay at home mom or not I gotta have to do something.
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    Quote from Born_2BRN
    We get paid nearly nothing here in this area. For new RN grad you probably make 18-19 per/hr. Yeah, it's that bad. I'm PRN I only make a couple bucks more.
    That pay sucks. I don't know what part of the country your in but that's low, very low.
    Sorry I have no advice for you. Only thing I can tell you is that I wouldn't get out of bed for that money. LOL

    Best of luck in your endeavors.
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    That pay I mentioned is not for NP, it's for RN staff. I hope I didn't confuse you.
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    that's terrible pay for an RN, though! 18-19/hr?? Are you in the south?
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    That's right! Probably the lowest paying job as RN ever. Sometimes for the amount of things we have to put up with flipping burger sounds appealing.
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    Wow I am an LPN Working in the south and I make quite a bit more than 18-19 hr. Its confusing because I plan on continuing my education real soon. I've been an Lpn for a few years and from what I'm hearing, My lpn experience is irrevelant once I upgrade to an RN. I would hate to go back to being treated like a new grad again. Please someone offer me some advice.

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