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Questions for NYC NPs

  1. 0 Hello all,

    I am new here, very glad to have found this place :^) Seems like a very friendly and helpful environment.
    I have been an RN for a year now, and have been thinking about going back to school part time to get my NP. My hospital does partial tuition reimbursement. I am having a difficult time deciding which program to do, either Hunter or NYU. I completed my BSN at NYU and have been accepted into their NP program. The problem is, I really do not want to be further in debt again. 70k was way to much to pay the first time for my BSN, and I don't think it really made too much of a difference after graduation.
    I've heard that the market for NPs is very saturated in NYC so it may be difficult for me to get the job I want after graduation.

    For NYC NPs out there: Do you feel that the program you attended made a difference for the position you were able to get after you received your license? Which program did you do? For those that received their NPs at community colleges: did you have to struggle to find a good job?

    Lastly: Are there generally good, comfortable, clinic jobs for NPs out there in NYC?

    Thanks in advance! Any advice would be highly appreciated!