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I have been taking pulse oximetries for the past 2 years now. I have taken O2 sats on patients that are 80 years old in the 95-99 range. For the last two years I have been taking mine, and it has been in the 94-96 range. I... Read More

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    Dustin, you were given very good advice here. I am in your boat. I was aways tired, even after getting 10-11 hours of sleep. I am about your weight, but not as tall. So one day on my unit, I mentioned it to one of the resp Dr.s . He set me up with a sleep study, with the end result being I use CPAP at night. I am now well rested after only 7 hours of sleep. The Dr also said I could also probably get rid of the CPAP if I lost 30-40 lbs.
    So give it a try, even if only for piece of mind.

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    The advise here is excellent. I have figured the priority here is losing weight. I was just going to wait until I finish school in May to start exercising (so I could join a gym----I'm broke right now)but walking or jogging doesn't involve a gym membership. I think I could cure most of this just by losing the weight. I'll still schedule that appointment with my PCP, though. I'm very interested in having that sleep study done. I just wake up too many times during the night to get enough quality sleep. I mean the only way I can have a descent night's sleep is if I'm to the point of complete exhaustion and then I just basically passout on the bed. And no, I don't smoke. I'm glad I never started. Anyways, thanks for the responses. This has been a HUGE help in convincing me to do something about the problem. I appreciate the concern.
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    ignore the post about the concern regarding starting CPAP at a young age... there is nothing wrong with starting CPAP at any age... I have prescribed it for 14 year olds... of course the ideal management is either surgical reduction of airway obstruction (if that is the cause) or weight loss (most common issue)... my major concern in patients that are in your boat is the remodeling of pulmonary and right heart vasculature, this over time can lead to pulmonary hypertension and eventually right heart failure (we are talking many, many years from now)
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