Psych NP or Adult/Geri NP?

  1. Hi. I'm currently in a Geri/Adult NP program and thinking to change to psych NP course. I know it is two different fields and I like both fields, but I only have adult/geri background. Any opinion?? I heard psych NP will be great demand in the future. Will they ask background experience in psych if I become psych NP?
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  3. by   harmonizer
    Who are "they"? The schools or employers? Yes, they will ask and look at it favorably. For most employers, it does not matter at this point because you will get training while being in school.

    How far are your in Adult/Geri NP? I would stick with it for now since you already started. I would be careful about not choosing specialty based on current demand. Things may change in the future even in a few years based on the supply from schools. Why are doing thing Adult/Geri only? I thought the consensual model is moving toward "all ages." Can you change to FNP, then you can treat all age?