PMHNP Reimbursement

  1. I am going to be starting the application process to the PMHNP and FNP programs here in AZ next fall. I have heard so many different things about each and have a few questions.

    1.) Here in AZ, it is my understanding that NPs can practice independent of a physician? Is there any collaboration required at all with a physician in AZ?

    2.) I have heard that PMHNP can start their own practice as long as they are board certified? But I have heard that doing so is difficult because you need collaboration with a physician to gain reimbursement from medicare and AHCCCS? Otherwise you must accept cash.

    3.) I have also heard that you have get a contract with medicare and AHCCCS and only few clinics get the contracts so I may be stuck working for someone else after all?

    4.) If it is possible to start my own clinic eventually, what is the projected salary of each, FNP and PMHNP in private practice?

    I have read about salaries of each in the 75k-100k range but I make close to that now as a psyche RN? I have read that NPs can bill 85% of what a physician can? And I know physicians in private practice making 250k+ per year, should we be able to make 85% of that as NP in private practice?

    5.) My father is a internal med physician and owns a practice who bills under a group number, could I provide psyche services to his current patients using the same group number even though there are no psychiatrist in the practice?

    I will most likely apply to both FNP and PHMNP programs but I am having a hard time making a decision and the time is drawing near.

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  3. by   nursegirl2001
    I do not have the inside scoop on the psyche NP stuff but here in Kansas they make $80,000-100,000. I am to precept with them while going under the graduate/MSN-FNP training. There are PMHNP clinics ran by psyche NPs and they seem to be doing quite well. My issue though is I want to address both medical and mental/behavioral health issues in primary care and I want to be proficient at it. After all I do this already as a psyche/med surg RN. From what I have gathered in the FNP programs they can and do treat psyche issues as patients present with mental health problems usually in the primary care setting. I love psyche and it is my first love but because I personally desire to treat the whole person I chose the FNP route. It is more broad covered and it seems like we can do more with it.....I hope that you do well and blessings to you !!!