How much schooling is needed to become a NP? How much schooling is needed to become a NP? | allnurses

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How much schooling is needed to become a NP?

  1. 0 hi everyone! i am new here and i really love everything that everyone has to say. i have really learned a lot so far. i am just starting my prereq's, so i'm still in the very beginning stages in hopes of someday becoming an rn and i would like to know how long it takes and how much schooling is needed to become a np. i am very interested in specializing in one particular area (not sure which) and would like to know if anyone has any suggetions at all for me. i am incredibly interested in any suggestions that anyone might have. thanks!:spin:
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    Hi, I'm starting my MSN/NNP this fall, and I would suggest taking one step at a time right now. I know it's exciting to think that far ahead, and it's awesome you have such great goals already! Focus on finishing up your RN/BSN and finding the right "niche" for you in the nursing field. Many nurses move between several specialties before finding the "right" one. I moved between cardiac/telemetry/ICU as a student to neonatal ICU ->ER back to NICU. I've since realized in the 2 years since I graduated that NICU is my niche, and so that's what I picked to specialize in once I got to grad school. Nursing school is hard, and demands a lot of your time and energy for a long time. Get that done, then work for a while in the "real world" until you find your niche. It usually takes 4 yrs of undergrad (BSN) and 1 1/2-3 years for your masters/NP. Best of Luck!

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    Thanks so much for your reply! I really appreciated it. I know that I have so many thoughts running through my head at this point because I am so excited. But, I also know that it will take some time to complete everything that I would like to accomplish. So, thank you very much for your response. If you have anymore advise I would be happy to hear it.