FNP Possibly Moving to Washington, DC

  1. Wanting to see if anybody had advice regarding good locations to work in the Washington, DC area as an FNP.

    Since I am not from the DC area, nor have I lived in the surrounding states, I don't know the reputation of certain places that one should avoid. Additionally, what is the typical base salary that FNPs in the area make?

    I know that these are broad questions, but any help or direction on research would help. I have been slowly looking at things online just to kind of see the areas that people work, live, etc., but again I have no clue.

    Have a great Thanksgiving!!
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  3. by   Annaiya
    I'm not sure about FNP, but my friend that is a WHNP in the DC area has had a horrible time trying to find a job. She said one of the local NP meetings she went to was filled with new grads complaining how none of them had been able to find jobs. If you have experience, it may be easier, and I know there are more FNP postings than WHNP. One of her preceptors in the area told her she could expect a salary of about $65,000 to start. Not sure if that's accurate or not, but that's what she was told. She has basically resigned herself to not working until she can move out of the area. I think if you have experience there are a lot of military positions in the area, but they require 1 year NP practice.