FNP Nat'l cert review course will I fail without one

  1. To all Practicing NP's

    I am a recent graduate (May 2010) of an FNP program and want to get nationally certified through the ANCC. I would really like to take a review course but $500 for the Fitzgerald is pretty steep - isn't it???? I have the Fitzgerald book and the tapes - will this be enough??? Did I make the right decision not to take the review?

    Also, any tips as far as books, or other test taking study guides/tools for the exam please send my way - ie is it better to read, take mini exams, listen to tapes or all of the above?

    Lastly, any advice on studying for the exam ie. when did you know it was enough? I figured I would set aside a few hours every day to review. Would 2 months be enough?? I realize its all individual but I'm just nervous and trying to gauge the best way to tackle the exam so that I succeed.

    Thanks to anyone or everyone that has survived this and remembers and has a moment to offer some advice.
    Sincerely SAM
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  3. by   dojo2
    I also graduated in May and waiting to take the test. I have been trying to study along the way but I am afraid that I will forget my material if I study to far out from the test date.
  4. by   juan de la cruz
    I took ANCC's ACNP exam in 2004. I did not attend a live review course but did purchase review materials from Fitzgerald. They were much cheaper than attending a course in person. The tapes were pre-recorded audio of a past live session. The accompanying reading materials included many practice tests with explanations and rationale for the correct answers. I also practiced on a book of sample questions from another author of ACNP review material. I passed with a good score given these resources. If nothing has changed since 2004 and the FNP exam is similar in structure, then I think you should be alright.

    This thread discusses the FNP exam specifically: http://allnurses.com/nurse-practitio...ou-478387.html
  5. by   Spacklehead
    I took the ANCC FNP in November 2009. All I used was the Fitzgerald cert review book and the Leik book. That worked fine for me. I studied a few hours per day about 1-2 mos before the exam. I read the review material in both books first and then went back and did the questions. I also looked the material up to the questions I answered wrong in my text books from school. I wanted to make sure I understood the reasoning behind the correct answers.