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  1. I recently graduated from a PNP program and have been offered a pediatric primary care job I'm really excited about! My question for the forum is: what should I expect in terms of CE benefits, vacation time, # of patients seen per day, type and length of orientation/training etc? Any tips for negotiating on these things?

    Although I have a good impression of the clinic overall, I am worried they might have unrealistic expectations of me as a novice NP because they haven't hired a new NP in over 10 years! How can I manage their expectations while still making a good impression?

    ANY tips are appreciated! Thanks!
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  3. by   rich2008
    All I can say is be open and honest with them. They know you are new and if they are not idiots, they will work with you to get up to speed. My first NP job was with a psychotic doctor who had no interest in me so that was a disaster. Ask them what the expectations are.
    In terms of salary and benefits, the ranges are large so if you are excited about the position, dont sweat the rest. But they should at leat pay for all your licensing fees, malpractice, and some $$ and time for CMEs.
    Good luck!