Family Nurse Practitioner in the Navy Nurse Corps

  1. I am currently an FNP student and am starting to think about where I want to practice and with what types of populations. My husband is active duty Navy (not in the medical corps) and I have thought several times and have even discussed with a recruiter the possibility of going into the Navy Nurse Corps as an FNP. My PCP on base is an FNP and she all but recruited me this morning when I went in for a sick visit Does anyone out there have any experience as an NP (active duty, not reserves) in the Navy Nurse Corps? The last recruiter I spoke to was a general recruiter and wasn't very helpful, and at the time we were discussing the Reserves. My husband and I would like to maybe start popping out some kiddos after I finish, so naturally the idea of deployments (for me - for him they are a given) and being assigned to the same duty station are important topics to explore. I honestly don't know if FNPs deploy or if they remain in practice at their assigned duty station. So...does anyone out there have an advice, two cents, or helpful resources? Thanks!
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  3. by   anichka
    No experience with the nurse corps, but the Navy does have a policy to allow you up to one year after giving birth to not deploy... IF you are breastfeeding. Pretty cool, imo.
  4. by   Calibean
    Having been a Navy wife for 20 years now, I will tell you the Navy is not wonderful at keeping you stationed together - I have seen it over and over that Navy spouses are separated. Also, you should assume that you will be deployed, probably on a schedule opposite your husband, but there is no guarantee. The recruiter will tell you otherwise, but real world experience has shown me that it happens all the time.