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    I'm looking to start a DE MSN program. Unfortunately the few schools I've looked at so far have their first year begin in June, and their apps are due the sept. prior.

    Which means I'm too late to get into any of the programs that begin this coming June. And if I apply next sept. I wouldn't start school until June of 2012! That's so far away!

    Ideally what I would like is to have a program that began in Sept. of 2011. Does anyone know of any programs like that? I'm ideally looking for something around the Bay Area of California (Oakland, Berkeley, San Francisco, etc.).
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  3. by   juan de la cruz
    DE MSN programs can be extremely competitive. The Bay Area has 2 programs: Samuel Merritt in Oakland (don't know much about that one) and UCSF. The latter is highly competitive with thousands of applicants each year and very limited slots. I work with a few grads of that program and they attest to the hard work it required to get in. You should look in the student forum (Post-Grad Forum) because this topic is discussed in detail there.