Clinical Nurse Leader MS or MSN with PMH-NP

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    I am brand new to this site and hope I can get some feedback on a decision that I am struggling over. I have a B.S. in mathmatics and secondary education and a M.A. in Marriage and Family Counseling. I've worked in substance abuse and acute mental health at a psychiatric hospital. It was on the acute ward of the psych hosptial that I realized I really want to work as a psych NP. I would also like to one day teach at the college level as I also have a love for teaching. I am taking my science prereqs now for entering a Direct Entry masters program.

    My issue is whether to get a CNL MS degree such as the one offered at the University of Maryland (before working as a RN and later getting my PMH-NP certificate) OR moving somewhere to get into a Direct Entry MSN with PMHNP track offered such as U Penn, Vanderbilt (too much $), Columbia, etc.

    My question is: Will I be more employable to colleges (one day) with the PMHNP MSN OR with a CNL masters and a post-masters PMH-NP certificate?

    Any thoughts on this will be very helpful!!
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