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  1. Any updates on California SB 1524? DEA for new grad NPs.
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  3. by   juan de la cruz
    California SB 1524 was signed by the Governor on 9/29/12. However, the Board of Registered Nursing has not made changes to the form for applying for a Furnishing License. Just to clarify, this bill is not about DEA certification. What it does is it eliminated the requirement for 520 hours of physician-supervised furnishing of drugs and devices prior to the NP (or CNM) being issued a NP (or CNM) Furnishing License. It still requires physician approval by signature that the NP is knowledgeable about furnishing drugs and devices when applying for the initial license. It could be that the board just haven't updated their forms yet. The DEA application process did not change. NP's still need to apply for a DEA License and attend a separate board-approved class on prescribing meds that fall into Schedule II and above in order for the NP Furnishing License to include provisions to furnish Schedule II and above.
  4. by   Kaylat
    Where would we find a physician to sign our furnishing license form? Just walk into any doctor's office or call around and ask if they could sign it? I haven't worked with any doctors, just nurses and NPs.
  5. by   juan de la cruz
    California's Nurse Practice Act pretty much locks the NP into a collaborative relationship with a physician. The Furnishing License application must be signed by a collaborating physician or a previous collaborating physician familiar with the NP's work. Standardized Procedures are required prior to performing NP level roles and these are a form of contractual agreement between the NP and the collaborating physician. Unfortunately, the way these rules are set up makes it a requirement that the NP is employed or involved in active practice with physicians. It's definitely hard for a new grad without a job offer to start this process.
  6. by   Kaylat
    Thank you Juan!
  7. by   nurse_in_me
    Thanks for your responses. Does it mean that i can go ahead and submit my NP furnishing application? I have done 160 hours so far with supervision. Now that they are getting rid of the 520 hours, I assume that I can go ahead with my application. It is definitely a factor for me finding a job as a challenge. Employers require experience and dea license. What a bummer for us new grads!
  8. by   juan de la cruz
    Per this law, yes, if the physician is willing to sign your application. You should call the BRN about it to cover all bases.

    Remember that DEA is a separate application with the DOJ and this can be done online. And also the fact that provisions for Class II and above in the Furnishing License requires attendance of a board approved CME on narcotic meds.
  9. by   Stockwell
    quick question regarding the furnishing license..Does anyone of you know if
    you can be supervised by a Physician Assistant while obtaining the 520 hours of
    supervised care for furnishing medications. How does it work normally? the nurse practitioner
    sees the patient, then leaves the room and writes the prescription and the physician
    or physician assistant signs the pad? thanks for all the help..i want to be correct
    when prescribing medications within my 520 hours to get my furnishing license
  10. by   nurse_in_me
    As far as I know, it has to be a physician that needs to sign your application for furnishing license but it all depends on the practice whether they allow that. Some practices allow a PA/ NP to supervise but at the end of the 520 hours, it is still the physician who signs the application document. I guess, it is just to make it official. I hope this helps.

    Where do you work by the way?