Any school rankings or reviews for DE NP programs?

  1. I'm looking at direct entry NP programs for FNP (with the slight possibility of psych NP....but probably family).

    I know that for DE NP programs there are only about 50 in the country, and I would only be interested in programs either around the San Francisco Bay Area, Washington, Oregon, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts or thereabouts. There are still LOTS of programs to choose from in those areas - are there any reviews or rankings out there?
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  3. by   juan de la cruz
    There are no rankings specific for DE programs. There are rankings of NP programs published by US News every few years or so. The top schools seem to be the same ones each year. Quite a few of the top-ranked schools have DE programs (U Washington, UCSF, UCLA, Columbia, Yale, UIC, Boston College, Case Western).