Any one else go back for another NP cert?

  1. Hi, I have been an Adult NP since 2005 and decided to go back for FNP. I just completed a Post Master's Cert program through UMASS and will now be sitting fo rthe FNP boards soon. I am concerned about boards!!! Having been a practicing NP for so long my concern is when I take the boards I may be thinking too much like an experienced provider rather than a novice. Any advice? Anyone else go through this process successfully? Help....
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  3. by   jaabrn
    I too am an ANP and have given thought to going back for a postmasters certification. I am actually attending an NP review class soon with plans to recertify under the new AGNP certification. I am interested in hearing other responses as well.

    What led you to wanting to pursue the FNP? How did you like the UMASS program?
  4. by   uncnp
    I am FNP in a post master's program right now and I too worry about going back for a second round of boards after 10 years
  5. by   Senny.ANP.FNP
    I choose to go back for FNP mostly because I am active duty officer in the Army Nurse Corps and FNP is the only NP that is truly recognized. But even without that motivation before I commissioned into the Army when I was looking into relocating and taking a new job I noticed that there were many more FNP positions available. There was a time I thought about minute clinic/take care clinics and those clinics also want FNP. Now that I have completed a FNP program and did all those Pediatric clinical hours, I can say I really enjoy pediatrics. I also enjoyed the OB clinical hours too and I think the FNP is the best of all worlds. It was honestly one of the best decisions I made and I would really encourage any NP that has a focused NP to go back for FNP. I really like the UMASS program. It was the only online program that I found that had a 12 credit hour option for ANPs that wanted to get FNP. It is a 12 credit hour program along with 300 clinical hours. I may consider doing my DNP through them as well. Let me know if you have any other questions. I also hope someone answers my original question too
  6. by   LubbockNP
    I was in my ACNP program when I realized that I enjoyed primary care more ( I had only done Surgical/trauma ICU nursing). So I did my FNP program immediately after ACNP. I let my ACNP lapse, because I was lazy and didn't need both. But now I am scrabbling to re take the boards as they are retiring the ACPN test this year. I have been out 10 years. I am doing Barkley, ANCC exam questions bank and Sallly Miller Acute Care NP cert book. ACNP is only available through ANCC, not AANP.
  7. by   NerdyNikki
    I am in the midst of completing my FNP program but really enjoy ACNP. I am contemplating going back this fall and getting my post-master cert in ACNP. Though I really enjoy the clinical rotation of FNP, I feel like I am missing out the world of critical care and wouldnt be able to work ICU without it. What do you ladies and gents think ???
  8. by   WitnessRN
    I am in the same position. I love working in the hospital and have been an ER nurse my whole career. I thought I was going to do FNP but now am rethinking this. I am really considering ACNP. My school USI offers both. I wish they had the dual ACNP/FNP. I heard that the job market for ACNP is very good right now. I may go ahead and do the ACNP and then go post bacc. for FNP. I just think with ACNP I would definitely be limited because of the peds aspect. SIGH. So no urgent care clinics as a ACNP they only hire FNP. I also don't want to do ER otherwise I would do FNP. I would love to be a ACNP that works as a hospitalist. There are several here that do so and I have a preceptor that is a hospitalist already lined up.

    Do most of you think AC is to limiting?

  9. by   LubbockNP
    The thing about ACNP is no pedi, so it would be hard to get a job in an ER. I worked at an ER with my ACNP and FNP on call while at my full time adult only NP job. My bestie went to ACNP school with me and she could not work there since she could not see kids. I live in a city of 250,000 w/o suburbs. Really a FNP in this city can work and do work as hospitalist and for thoracic surgeons, etc. That probably is different in big metro areas. In my current job I see adults only and work as hospitalist. I could use either one. For me, I would have only gotten FNP.
  10. by   WitnessRN
    Thanks LubbockNP. Here where I live FNP is in the ER so that they can see the whole life span. I really don't want to do ER anymore. I want to be a Hospitalist. I am starting to think that FNP will give me much more flexibility.

    Thank you!