Any Independent NPs?

  1. I just started a FNP program this year. Just curious if anyone had experience practicing independently. Also, what should I know about collaborating with a physician or physician group? Any pointers in regards to pay, insurance, autonomy, etc?
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  3. by   Dave ARNP
    I would be independent in a heartbeat. BUT... SBON regulates that and were soo far from legislation to let NP's do that, its sickening.

    I am in a collaborative agreement, one MD and me in a practice.

    Just a couple of reminders.

    DO NOT let them baby-sit you. It's not needed. It's a waste of time, and you will be able to do this on your own. At first, you'll want to collaborate more, but after you get comfortable, you'll be more comfortable with being autonomous. Direct physician oversight is not where this job is. You know how to think just as well as they do.

    Secondly, don't fall for the salary quote they give you. If you're looking for a larger group, you may end up with a lower salary, however smaller practices tend to be more willing to get you (even in the salary department... IMHO) I make dollar for dollar the same thing as the MD I work with. It's not a matter of him paying me a salary. A partnership can certainly be good in the these cases. If I bill it, I make it.

  4. by   jeffb
    I appreciate the insight. I know of a couple of NPs that have been, let's say disenchanted, with their 'collaborative' relationships. As nurses, we tend to be more clinically-savvy than business minded. I hope to hone my negotiation skills prior to graduation. Thanks again for the advice.