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hi, i just joined i took the psychiatric adult np exam with ancc... didn't pass the first time. i took the barkleys review course and it didn't help at all! i reviewed the course religiously and looked over it 3... Read More

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    Now I am scared!! My friends who have recently taken it have said that it was vague and very general, but they all passed. It seems that the new test that comes out this summer is more clinically focused and almost makes me want to wait until then to take it after reading these comments!

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    I would assume that you have been well prepared for the current test in your program. I would take it as soon as possible. I took it in 2007 and passed easily. My program prepared us well and our courseexams reflected the format of the board exam at that time.
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    Ellen NP, thanks for your reply. I feel semi-confident that my program and my experience have prepared me well enough. But then I get worried that I am too confident and that I will fail! Haha. I hope to take the exam the first week of June, if my school sends the forms on time!
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    Hello there,

    Just curious . . . did you finally pass?


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