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I am currently debating between advanced degree possibilities. For a while I had been planning on pursuing my CNS with a critical care focus, but recently came across a reference to the possibility of becoming an Acute Care... Read More

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    Thanks for the reply!

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    Great answers! I wish I could be so eloquent! I just have one thing to add, I agree that most of my job is medicaly oriented but I feel that I do most things (even writing orders) with a nursing perspective. For eg. I am constantly having to remind the docs that they must consider the whole patient not just their area of expertise. I feel that my basic nursing training still colors much of what I do and how I treat and approach my patients and that my NP training has just added another dimension to the job instead of replacing it with another model. I still do thorough assessments as I did as an RN, maybe not give the patient the right med by the right route etc. but make sure it is ordered that way, look at nutrition and comfort issues, pull together the whole multidisciplinary team when needed, in short I feel that I am the bedside RN's resource and partner in the care of our patient.
    Yes I do see 12-15 patients a day and sometimes this can be hectic, maybe since I work with Cardiac patients and some of the management can be fairly routine, I have time to practice this way. I do work in a smaller community hospital and that may help me have more time (we refer many patients needing complex procedures to other facilities) but that is why I chose this facility over a larger urban setting because I did not want to become just a 'physician extender'. So I have to disagree with you, I think that yes, NP's are still nurses, just with an added dimension.

    and Matt, you're best bet as to the ability of ACNP's to practice in your state is best addressed by your state Board of Nursing. Give them a call!
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    Thanks for the replies so for! They have given me some things to consider over the next few years.
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    Matt, just yesterday I was surfing the web and came across this: The University of California at San Francisco (UCSF) has a cardiology NP track that also allows you to specialize in clinical research - so you'd work on the drug trials for new cardiac drugs. They are always one of the top-ranked nursing depts in US News and World Reports annual graduate school rankings.
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    I am currently enrolled in the ACNP program at Univ of Pennsylvania. I am very happy with my choice and look forward to moving into my advanced practice role. Penn's website is, but please do not hesitate to contact me privately if you have more in-depth questions about the program, the faculty, etc.

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    Hello everyone! I am going to begin my MSN studies at wichita state university in the fall. I am wishing to persue the ACNP pathway. I was wondering if anyone out there has attended the program. what did u think of it? I would appreciate any incite u may have? thanks

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