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  1. I'm an ACNP student and I'd like to set up an away rotation someplace. This wouldn't be for another year or so, but I'm starting to think about these things. My main interests in doing this would be a) to get a perspective outside of where I currently live/work and b) to possibly get some exposure/training someplace that is really excellent/cutting edge/uses ACNPs really effectively. My primary interests are either trauma or cardiothoracic surgery with the critical care aspects of both being more interesting to me than the floor/clinic. I'm a part-time student and work a regular job and have a wife and two small kids, so I'd be looking for something that would allow the flexibility of a shorter stay away from home (I'd be more than willing to work extra long day/extra days/week to make up for a shorter stay).

    Anyone work at a place/know of a place that would be somewhere to really consider? A third benefit to this would be in possibly making contacts for future jobs after graduation. My family and I would possibly be interested in moving when I'm done with school. So, anyplace near the coast or in a good area for raising a family would be a plus (but not necessary if it's a good teaching/learning environment!).

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  3. by   seanpdent
    Have you contacted your local colleges? Where are you located? Most ACNP programs have contracts with many hospital systems throughout their region, not just locally. And if you have a specific interest in an area, or a facility, the ACNP staff can accomodate most of the time to try and make potential arrangements for a rotation.
  4. by   juan de la cruz
    You mentioned Trauma or Cardiothoracic Surgery ICU as areas of interest:

    One program I am aware of that actually allows outside students (non-affiliated students) to rotate through is this one:
    Nurse Practitioner Student Rotations - Education - UM Shock Trauma Center
    It's in Baltimore so I am not sure how that fits with your ideal metro area but this team (not the NP alone) is well regarded as experts in Trauma.

    I used to work in a 16-bed Cardiothoracic Surgery ICU in the Midwest at a large urban medical center that has a medical school affiliation but no specific nursing school affiliation. We had ACNP students from 2 different local programs. Not sure how that is set-up now since I've been away. Again, not sure if the Midwest is where you want to be.

    My current practice involves rotation through Medical, Surgical, Cardiovascular, and Neuro ICU's. There are 62 beds total. We are not the designated trauma campus of the university, hence, we do not see trauma patients. We have a group of NP's providing 24/7 ICU management. Unfortunately, I've never seen students from an outside program. The students we precept are from the university ACNP program we are affiliated with. Even the medical students who rotate and actually touch patients are students from our university. Once in a while we get "guest" medical students from another institution (all over the US actually) but it's usually just a few days of observing and following with attendings to explore an interest in residency at our institution.