Accepted to South Alabama and GWU - Have you been to either? Please share

  1. I have a BSN and I have been accepted to two different schools, both due to start in the fall and both for online Doctor of Practice FNP programs. My first acceptance arrived from the University of South Alabama for the Advanced Emergency AACNP/FNP program. I do very much like the idea of the additional acute care training and the AACNP, but I am not married to it. The second acceptance is to The George Washington University for a DNP/FNP.

    The advantages of USA are cost (26K lower), a shorter time to complete (3 years vs. 4+ with GWU) and a dual degree. The disadvantage is that it is ranked lower in terms of faculty credentials, student engagement/accreditation, graduation rates, etc.

    The advantages of GWU are the ability to attain a Master's and practice as an FNP in 2 years and then pursue a doctorate in 2+ years thereafter and the more highly acclaimed reputation of the program and faculty. The disadvantages are cost (+26K over USA) and ultimate time to completion (could be up to 5 years for the DNP).

    I am certain I could be happy in either program, and that is making the choice even more difficult.

    I would greatly appreciate any input from anyone who has spent time at either school. What do you love about it? What do you think could be improved? What does it feel like to attend/have attended? Would you recommend it to your family member/best friend? What tips or hints might you have? Thank you so much for your input, I appreciate it!
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  3. by   SThomas30
    That is so awesome you got accepted into both programs! I just found this thread and I am very interested in both schools myself. I am active duty Air Force and really need to find a 100% online program or close to it. If you have any information about these programs you would like to share with me I would really appreciate it! Stuff like application process, are they completely online, acceptance GPA, anything would be great, and congrats again for getting accepted into two really great graduate programs :-)