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  1. 0 Hey everyone. I'm a newly graduated FNP student and Acnp. I did a dual program. I am to take the FNP exam through aanp soon and the Acnp later on in the year. How should I study? I am pinging about the fnp. I took a review class with hollier, have her book as well as leik's, and Fitzgerald. I am doing review questions, taking notes and reviewing the review course manual. On the apea review questions Obama scoring 63 to 68 percent. I review and study daily! I'm just at the end of my rope! Any advice or help would be great. I don't have any of the CDs due to funds.
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    I think you're doing good. You should pass with 68%. Exam prep material wise, looks like you have everything. I have heard Hollier's question are harder than actual exam plus you took her live review. When is your exam. I am taking soon too. I have Hollier CD but I don't have the manual that goes with it to follow along.
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    How did you do on the exam? I have the same preps as you plus Kellerman. No matter how much studying I do I can't seem to break 70-73%. I'm getting discouraged. My exam is in 3 weeks.