1. Hello everyone,

    I was wondering if anyone has taken the AACN - ACNP certification exam? I was looking to see how it differed from the ANCC - ACNP certification exam. Took the ANCC exam and failed so I was thinking of trying the other one. Any thoughts...

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  3. by   NPmimzy75
    I'm signed up for ANCC, any idea why you think you might have failed? What did you find to be challenging about the test? I shouldn't even be on here reading these kinds of posts!!!
  4. by   ICURN73
    Send me an email and we can talk. I know why I failed but not sure how to study for the parts that I failed..


    Have you heard of anyone that took the AACN exam? Just wondering how that compares to the ANCC one..
  5. by   NPmimzy75
    It is my understanding that the AACN cert is not accepted everywhere (VA, IHS facilities...) so I haven't heard much about it. I'll email you too.
  6. by   TX RN
    Check your' state board. Some state boards specifically list which certifying body they will accept credentialing from.
  7. by   LaurieCRNP2002
    For anyone who is going to take the ANCC acute care exam, I recommend the study materials from Tom Barkley. You can order CD's and you get a manual as well. It very closely hews to the material covered in the exam. I studied Dr. Barkley's materials and found the test to be very fair and representative of my practice. Please do not hesitate to email me offline if you have any other questions