Writing a paper and need a nurse manager

  1. I am writing a paper for my management class and unfortunately I do not have anyone that can help me with this. If anyone is willing to answer the following questions it would be greatly appreciated. I would not need any names of people or facilities. Thanks again.

    Leadership Assessment Paper

    Guidelines for writing the paper:
    This paper is a comprehensive leadership assessment of an individual who has a nursing administrative position in the health care agency or field of your own employment (e.g. hospital, hospice, school of nursing, outpatient surgery unit, clinic, etc.). Although you will need to define the status and title of the position, you are not to use identifying names of the person or the setting. Descriptions of the role and the setting are required. You will need to access the information from a job description, expectations for the role, performance appraisal guidelines, and required competencies. You will also need to spend time with this individual so begin to schedule it right away The paper will be a minimum of 9 double-spaced pages in length and maximum of 14 pages, excluding the title sheet and the reference list, and must address these criteria:
    1. Description of the healthcare system (size, responsibilities, mission, and service commitment)
    2. A copy of the agency's organizational chart (scanned in to your paper, or typed in chart form if you do not have a scanner)
    3. Description of nursing administrative position and fiscal responsibilities
    4. Overview of the management responsibilities of the administrator
    5. Description of the nursing care delivery system in the agency or setting
    6. Discussion of the leadership style and characteristics of the administrator
    7. Presentation of communication strategies utilized by administrator
    8. Discussion of evidence of negotiation and conflict management skills
    9. Discussion of how she implements ANA standards of practice
    10. Summary