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I have recently been promoted to Director of PCU, I love the position but am facing problems from staff. The 42 bed unit has been without a director for the last 6 months, there was no monitoring of... Read More

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    Taking over the management duties of any area is sooo hard. The employees will try you to see if you will back down. You have to stand firm on your expectations.
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    Document any incidents that are a deviation from the standard of care.
    Keep manager notified of issues that need to be sent up the chain of command.
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    We have just started "Lead Nurse". This seems to really be helping. We are not to keep track of labs. We are to encourage and build the team. Some just need guidance on how to approach a problem, or how to talk to the doctor. Our performance and patient satisfaction has increased by 30% in 6 months. Lead Nurse is responsible for admissions, discharge education, assignments, and critical lab values. I try to take care of the hardest patients assessment and bath in the morning. This helps the nurses in a big way. We also contact the med surg supervisor for staffing and patient numbers. Then at 5p we are house supervisor. Each department fills out the written report and has solved its department issues on staffing. It is great! The only problem has been the "seasoned" house supervisor's don't stay on med surg and help the team. They haven't figured it out yet.