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  1. I am having a hard time deciding which career path to take and would like some advice. For starters I'm 47. I have a BBA from a very long time ago and an MBA from about 10 years ago. I have worked in accounting for about 12 years and managed a few people. The last job I had was a high school math teacher for 5 years. (crazy career path, I know). I am now almost finished taking pre-reqs to get into nursing school. I have recently started thinking about working in hospital management though. I think I would enjoy it and it would use my earlier degrees also. What more education would I need if i decided to do this? Should I go on and get a BSN and then get a Masters in nursing management or forget the BSN and get a masters in Health Care Management? or is my old MBA enough? (although I don't have any experience working in a health care environment)

    I appreciate some input. I'm also wondering about the different type jobs that each of the paths would qualify me for. Given my age, I guess it is time for me to decide what i want to be when I grow up and
    get busy doing it.

    Thanks so much
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  3. by   llg
    In order to move up the ladder within nursing management, you will need a couple of years experience as a staff nurse first. So, really, there is no need to make a hurried decision that you might regret later. Become a nurse first and see how you like it before trying to become a nursing leader.

    Most "middle management" positions in nursing do not require a Master's Degree in anything -- though a few do. So, your BSN plus your work experience as a nurse may be enough. Your previous education will give you an advantage over lots of folks.

    As you get those first nursing experiences, assess your local job market for the types of positions that interest you. Network. Get to know people. Get to know yourself as a nurse. Put all that information together and then you'll be in a position to make a decision about whether or not further graduate education is needed for the types of jobs you will want.

    Good luck!
  4. by   classicdame
    After you have some nursing experience I would hire you with no more education requirements. Good luck.