Nurses Week

  1. Dear Nurse Managers,
    What have you done for your nurses this week? We gave our nurses a wonderful meal (one for days, one for nights) and an insulated lunch bag with our logo on it. Just wondering what other managers did this week.
    Thanks, PediRN
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  3. by   Stormy
    I have been baking every night this week to take in to the unit - enough for all shifts. Last night was a disaster. I made a poppyseed chiffon cake - took it out of the oven and it fell out of the pan when I turned it upside down. So instead, I made them lunch, complete with sandwiches, veggies and fruit tray. Have to think of something creative for the next 2 days.

    Work was horrid today. There was a nursing fair which my staff would have been too busy to attend, so I covered for them so they could go. I didn't get to go.

    I also gave them each a personalized card. Not much, but it was something.
  4. by   bbnurse
    What else??????CHOCOLATE.
    Seriously, yes I gave them chocolate but the hospital did far better than I personally did...
    But I think I know their hearts and they needed chocolate!!!:chuckle