Nurse Managers responsible for budgets and other questions

  1. I am fixing to graduate from nursing school and I need some information about nurse managers with experience. These are the questions that I have to feel out. If you don't have time to answer all them that is fine. Any responses will help! Thanks

    How do you prepare for your role as a nurse manager with the responsibility of budgets?
    Did you get training on how to manage budgets?
    How did you learn this role in management?

    What are some positive and negative leadership and management behaviors observed in the hospital?
    Why is it important that nurses who are not in administrative positions understand and acquire leadership and management skills?
    As the clinical nurse leader on a busy unit, there is a problem with shift rift. How would you apply team-building skills to heal the rift?
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  3. by   nishapatel
    I am a nursing student. I want to interview a nurse manager. This is my request. Please help me because this is a class assignment. I need your help. I will really appreciate your help.

    These are the questions.

    • What is your job title? what is your job description?
    • How would you describe the role you play in your job related to the finanacial management of your unit?
    • Can you tell me about the budgeting process for your unit and your role in the process?
    • What specific financial issues are you currently grappling with at work?
    • How are your staff nurses educated or informed about the financial realtities of health care today?
    • If you could make one suggestion or give one piece of advice regarding the business of healthcareto a student who will soon be a nurse, what would it be?