Nurse Managers--Please Read (short interview)

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    The topic of this interview focuses on hospital ethics committees and ethics consults.

    1.Does your hospital have an ethics committee? If there is an ethics committee, describe the members.

    2.Are they all healthcare professionals within the hospital?

    3.Are there any ethics experts or consumer members from the community?

    4.Is there representation from risk management or chaplaincy on the committee? How are committee members chosen? Does the committee meet on a scheduled basis or on an as-needed basis?

    5.Does your hospital provide ethics education to medical and nursing staff?

    6.How are ethical principles incorporated into hospital policy development? Whether your hospital has a formal ethics committee or whether they meet JCAHO requirements in another way, what is the procedure to assist family or staff when ethical questions or concerns arise?

    Thanks so much for your help if you read and respond to this, it is greatly appreciated!