Non-nurses in nursing leadership?

  1. Hello! I am new to the site and have joined in search of information regarding nursing leadership. I work in a med size community hospital. Approx 300 beds. I took on the role of clinical supervision of a 40 bed med/surg unit about 5 years ago. I was perfectly happy as your basic staff nurse, but circumstances called me to step up and risk the thin ice of middle management. I see my role as being primarily to promote the growth of nurses at the bedside. Patient care is what it's all about. I was blessed to have a nurse manager-think of us as a Head Nurse and Assistant Head Nurse-who supported my efforts to stay at the bedside next to the nursing staff. She kept me out of the headaches of the business end of the hospital. My dilemma now is that my manager has moved on. I have no desire to "move up". I am content taking care of the clinical end of the floor. I need someone to take care of the non-clinical end. I would like to try having a "Business Manager" and a "Clinical Manager". My question is-Does anybody know of a situation where a non-nurse is part of the official management team of a nursing floor?
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