need help, ideas,suggestion for a Nursing Leadership paper!!!!!!!!!!

  1. hi everyone
    im a 4th year nursing student and would like to have some help from experienced professionals here


    For your philosophy, you should select an object or create a story that represents who you are. Choose or make whatever best describes those aspects of your leadership philosophy that you believe are important and hold most dear, what describes your philosophical approach to leadership in nursing. If you have difficulty selecting something that represents you, then consider soliciting the input of others such as your spouse, partner, children, other family members, friends, neighbors, or co-workers. Have fun! You will be presenting your philosophy September 14th and should limit your presentation time to three (3) minutes, or less. A written description of your philosophy will be passed in after your presentation (no more than two pages).
    Evaluation Criteria for Assignment #1: Personal Leadership Philosophy
    1. Quality of Substance (10 marks)
    (a) Substantiates thoughts and opinions
    (b) Self reflection is evident
    (c) Depth of knowledge is evident
    2. Quality of Style and Presentation (5 marks)
    (a) Medium is well matched to message
    (b) Expression is comprehensive, cogent and clear
    (c) Sound grammar, spelling and sentence structure

    I personally dont think this class is my strengh. My personality is very quiet, never talk, do homework, go to class, do what clinical instructors ask me to do, so i never actually thought about what kind of person i need to be if i want to lead a team in the future. I always think about one step at a time. Therefore i have no bright ideas for this assignment, and it is only 2 pages, which to me is tricky because it needs to be concise and cathces lots ideas! Not that im not trying, im reading the posts i researched here and it is already 1130pm! i decide to put this request and stay as late as i could (read as much as I could) and will check tomorrow morning! Millions thanks for help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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