Need to get organized!

  1. I am a brand new charge nurse on a LTC floor. I have no experience in this area except floor nurse in LTC. At my last facility being 'charge' just meant that the unit manager had left for the day so as the LPN on the floor for 3-11 you were considered "charge'.

    Now, I am feeling stressed with the amount of work in being charge. All the paperwork, families, nurses, CNA's and plus actually being on the floor to deal with every little and big thing that comes up. The paperwork alone is a full time job which in my old facility the unit manager did.

    Anyone else have a similar job that can offer some tidbits of organizational strategy? I'm afraid if I don't get it together soon, I may give this position up and go back to floor nurse. That wouldn't be bad at all, but I would like to try this out and sharpen my leadership skills. Any suggestions are welcome! Thanks!
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