Managment Path for Psychologist-RN?

  1. 0 I have just passed NCLEX to reinstate my license in California (state of original license). I have been out of clinical practice for 20 years and out of school much longer than that! It has been quite a journey to get to where I want to be.

    My more recent career is as a management psychologist. I have a PhD in Psychology with an emphasis in Organizational Behavior and have done work in organizational development, leadership development, and talent management as a consultant in many industries. I realized that I felt most at home in healthcare settings and now want to combine nursing and psychology, ultimately, probably in an internal management/leadership role. However, I think I would be better at it if I got back into clinical nursing for awhile to know what nurses (and hospitals, agencies) are experiencing now. Clinically, Hospice and Psych/Mental Health would be the best fits with my background. I have heard that Florida still has a nursing shortage and have heard of re-entry RNs being hired in the Florida panhandle (but not sure how current that info is). Any suggestions on

    1) a hospital or healthcare system that is still hiring and 'retooling' re-entry nurses (in Florida or any other state).
    2) a healthcare system that would be interested in someone with my background, for a future leadership role, and would be willling to help me get my clinical skills back in shape?

    Any suggestions, leads, much appreciated.
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