Interim Manager to Manager?

  1. Hi everyone, I was wondering if I could get some advice from you. I was hired at my hospital in March of 2010 after working 11 months in a LTC facility as a new grad. After one year on the floor, my manager has left her position to work in an outpatient center in the hospital, and has asked me to become the interim manager of the unit.

    After only one year of hospital nursing, I was both surprised and honored that my manager hand-picked me to lead the unit in the interim. I started on my own, as manager, last Monday, the 18th. It is quite challenging, as expected, but even more so because just 3 weeks ago, I was a staff nurse and worked on the floor with the nurses that now call me 'boss'.

    Everyone, including my current director, is wondering if I will take the manager position permanently. This is making me think, because it was never my intention to take this position. I felt like I am too new of a nurse to get out of bedside nursing. However, everyone (mostly) thinks that I should take the manager position. I keep on going back and forth, even considering working PRN at a closer hospital to keep up with my bedside nursing. I am already having issues with some of 'my' staff, and it is challenging coaching and disciplining the older nurses on the unit (that I was actually afraid of when I started on the unit a year ago!), but when I go home at the end of the day, I feel like I could take this position on. I guess I just need feedback from those of you in management positions, and your thoughts.

    Thank you for your time!
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  3. by   kayern
    OK here it is...............Personnel management is the most challenging part of my job. I passed up a management position before taking the one I currently hold for the exact reason you describe above, i.e., managing my "friends" that were once my peers. I never refer to myself as "boss" I am the Nurse Manager. As for taking another job to keep up your bedside nursing, you probably won't have the time or the energy. I love my job, but honestly when I leave after a 8 or 10 hour day, I'm done and my weekends are my own. I do work at home and when reports are due, on weekends.
    Heres something else to compensation. I lost my BSN and certification differentials, paid out unused sick time at the end of the year and overtime. I actually have staff members making more money than I do with all their perks.
    Don't go into management for the money but because you think you can make a difference for both your patients and your staff.
  4. by   Daliadreamer
    I know that I will be taking a pay cut...but when I was thinking about going for the position I did ask myself to take the money issue out of the equation and then make my decision. I don't want to do the job for the money, I really do enjoy what I am doing now. Thank you for responding, I do have a lot of thinking to do!