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My director gives no support. She undermines every decision I make, never takes any suggestion for improvement seriously. I could go on and on about what she has done to me. The staff is quickly loosing respect for me and I have... Read More

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    Quote from rn/writer
    Be very careful about sharing too openly with HR. Ultimately, they are looking out for the facility's best interests and they may peg you as a troublemaker rather than a problem solver. They may also pass information to your manager that you thought was said in confidence.

    Either look for another job or sit down with this manager and come to some kind of an understanding. Since that takes two, you may find yourself looking for another job anyway.

    In the meantime, read up on assertiveness and focus on ways to express yourself that don't undermine your meaning or morph into frustrated aggression. Conduct yourself in a way that you can hold your head high whether you stay or go.

    I wish you the best.
    I second this post. HR is not there for you, it's to protect the company FROM you.

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    Quote from CseMgr1
    seemed to be more interested in what color uniforms
    Yea, what is that about? New hospital job, about 10 colors are allowed and that's all I've heard so far, discussion about colors and people not wearing the right color. Don't know if it's about keeping the staff focused on that so they don't focus on the real issues like staffing or what, never heard of anything like it. By the way, never saw such sloppy, unprofessional looking nurses before.

    Cleo, I think you need to get out of there asap!

    Good luck.
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    Dear Cleo,

    I am so happy that you were able to post this. I have just gone through something similar. I'm fairly new to management, DON that is non-supportative, with insubordinate staff on the day shift (about 3-4 of them) who found out that they can manipulate the DON so they can get "their way". Plus, I was not familiar with the facility, culture, nor the community.....It is a long story.

    ~Also~ what Mydesygn has posted..... I just wish I have read it sooner because this mirrors everything that happened to me.

    Thank-you both for posting your experiences because I was beginning to feel that I was "nuts" or something. The word "sabatage" couldn't be a better word to explain what has happened to us. For months now, I was thinking that it was me being "new to management." However, that may be the case only to a point. We will all have our "oversights" as new managers. However, in order to be successful - there needs to be some sort of mentoring which didn't happen.

    Wow, I can't tell you how greatful I am coming across this post. I hope bumping it to the top will help other managers out there in similar situations.

    I hope that you trusted your gut and got out of there into a better position.

    Thanks again for posting (both of you)

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