How do you do peer review?

  1. Quite some time ago, when we had our annual performance reviews, part of the review included some peer reviews, in which the coworkers filled out an evaluation and had the opportunity to write specific comments. There would be 2-3 reviewers chosen by the employee being reviewed, and 2-3 reviewers chosen by the director. The director would compile all the data and comments onto one sheet and destroy the originals, to make this a somewhat anonymous exercise. This sort of review has gone by the wayside over the past decade in our facility.

    My director has tasked me with researching and developing some sort of peer review. This would start as something to pilot on our unit; if it ends up being a positive, helpful activity, then we would like write up a policy and present it to HR, with the ultimate goal that EVERY EMPLOYEE (doctors, nurses, pharmacists, aides, housekeeping, everyone) must have this sort of peer review.

    Does anyone work at a facility that incorporates some sort of annual peer evaluation? How exactly do you do this? If you could provide me with a policy and/or an example of a peer evaluation, that would be most helpful.

    Thank you!
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