Float Pool Staff Meetings

  1. I am a Manager of a Float Pool, our staff are 98% per diem. Most of them hold another Full-time or Part-time position. I am interested in creative ways to communicate organizational goals and upcoming mandatory events. They have just been recently put on email (that's a whole other story) and this will be 1 expected form of communication.

    I currently struggle with having one staff meeting a month. There isn't OT allowed. I am sure I'm not the only Manager that struggles with this... so it can't be before or after the shift. They are working on varied floors during the shift. You all get my drift.

    How do I make myself available to them and not go insane from being at work all the time trying to hunt them down for this and that? What consists typically on the information boards...we don't have one currently. They are based out of the staffing office with no lounge, no lockers, no home....they are all nomads.

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  3. by   stephva1008
    I know email isn't personal but I do a weekly "huddle" email to address a bunch of stuff they need to know, like a mini staff meeting.

    Then every other month we sit down for a nurse quick meeting ftf. I come in early to get the night shift and then get the nurses between days and evening shifts. We do an "in person" huddle that is quick, not as long as a regular staff meeting would be.
  4. by   Lofton_1
    Thats a good idea...I am struggling with email in my organization but hope to everyone on by July. Do you have a format for your emails? How do you get all of them together for your quick meetings?

    I have many more questions but I don't want to overload you with the excitement that someone out there has insight on this topic.