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  1. I recently became a clinical supervisor for my med/surg unit and I have been a supervisor for a rehab facility part time for a year now. I want to relocate to Arizona or Nevada but I am afraid it would set me back on my career path. I will have my BSN the end of this summer, and will start the MSN program next fall. I am looking to further my career in management but I am fearful that if I leave my current employment before having a few more years exp. it will hurt me. I have 3 yrs med/surg/oncology right now. Many positions for management want 5 yrs and BSN I would be a year short if I move next year.

    Any thoughts?
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  3. by   Mercy65
    I was hoping someone would have some words of wisdom for me. I have been feeling very conflicted between moving to a place for a better quality of life and leaving a job that I love.
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    I doubt that one year lack of experience would be that big a deal if they really want to hire you. As for the set back (?) you may have to decide which you want more, the job you want or the place where you want to live.

    If you are sure you want to live in Arizona, then go for it. It's a big decision, you have to factor in your finances and what makes you want to more.
    Unfortunately, there is no one else who can make this decision for you. Best wishes.