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I am a new supervisor (2 months in) and I am already going through my first hiring process, so I'm learning as I go! I'm wondering if anyone has any advice on the best way to contact unsuccessful applicants after an... Read More

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    In my experience, a timely email or snail mail is best.
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    I would prefer receiving a written run-of-the-mill letter. Even a canned letter is better than nothing at all. I want nothing concerning employment matters in emails or over the phone. That is how I feel on the receiving end and how I would handle the matter if responsible for the notifications. If a person wanted feedback, I would prefer that an appointment be made so we could discuss the matter in person, provided that I would be the one to give the feedback.
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    I'd prefer either an e-mail or a letter. It's better than nothing, which seems to be the norm.
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    Thanks for all your feedback. I ended up writing emails to all the unsuccessful candidates - personalized emails to the ones I'd interviewed, and generic emails to the 50+ who didn't receive an interview. I felt positive about my decision.
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