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I have been a RN for some time and it always amazes me how some nurses can be so unprofessional, caddy and miserable. One would think that members of profession who care for others physically,... Read More

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    Quote from FlorenceNtheMachine

    To point out that error is very caddy.
    Bahahahahaha! Hole-in-one, I say!

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    Quote from mclennan
    I was gonna say, here's someone complaining about unprofessionalism, who spells "catty" as "caddy." Talk about answering her own question.

    I can tell you right now, one of the reasons I'm unhappy with nursing is because of the level of anti-intellectualism I observe every day in this profession. On the job, here on AN, at other hospitals and clinics - everywhere. I see nurses with all manner of degrees - from LPN to DPN - behaving, talking and appearing to resemble ignorant teenagers instead of the educated adults they are.
    Yeahhhh I have a real problem with my manager emailing, then telling, then begging, then having the charge nurse call the nurses at home, for them to do the read-and-signs on new procedures, new BLS cards, license renewals, etc. Some of these people will come in and be reminded at the start of their shift and lead over to the area where we keep the read-and-signs, and by end of day they still haven't read and signed!!! As a manager, the length I would go to would be to give the deadline by email twice, then suspend anyone who isn't bright enough to comply. We went to college, did we not? We don't know what a deadline is? Or a priority? I'm not chasing educated people around to get them to do their job.
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    I think it was pretty clear that the OP didn't mean that ONLY nurses are miserable....She was just identifying the context of this forum....This NURSING forum.

    Miserable nurses are easy to spot....they're the ones creating things to get offended about.
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    What do you think the solution is for helping nurses be happier?
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    Quote from tangel
    What do you think the solution is for helping nurses be happier?
    I believe that happiness is not in what someone else can give a person. If I waited around for someone else to MAKE me happy, I'd probably be miserable too.
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